Did you pick your place of birth?

Imagine being a part of a winning team that could actually end poverty for millions of families around the world. It is all about being in the ZONE.

Not one of us picked our place of birth. Neither did the 3 billion hungry people of our world.

Did you know that one-half the world population lives on less than $2 per day?

U.S. Ambassador, Tony Hall, renowned authority on global hunger and poverty, recently announced and endorsed the Champion's Campaign to end poverty in this generation. The Champion's Campaign was initially inspired by the NFL Man of the Year Award halftime Super Bowl presentation to Kurt Warner, champion quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals. The annual Campaign's goal is to recruit 100,000 sports fans and celebrities to champion a future with hope for the hungry half of our world to end poverty in this generation. The first year goal is 25,000 tickets to the EndPovertyZONE with the kickoff start in July 1, 2010.

Did you know that $100 can provide two impoverished families with livelihoods for a lifetime? Did you know that same $100 is repaid on the average of every 6 months to keep revolving to 2 new families each year without end.

Bertha and her children in Kibera, Kenya have a new hope for a future thanks to a livelihood loan. Her life was victimized by a loan shark who was abusing her with rip off interest rates that left her and her family with no future. Her family was barely surviving on less than $2 per day. A livelihood loan and training from a reputable partner organization provided Bertha with her own veggie vending business, market stall, cart and inventory.

Bertha now supports her family, pays for school tuition for her children and has improved their diet and housing. In less than six months she had repaid her loan with interest. The next family waiting for a livelihood loan now has the opportunity to forge a future with hope.

Did you know that charity can create unhealthy dependency and the loss of dignity? The best charity is that which leads to independence from charity. Loans/savings have a proven record of freeing families from poverty and giving dignity to the recipients. Loans continue to recycle in a revolving loan funds repeating the benefits to families. Livelihood loans and savings projects are like the pink bunny energizer commercial, they go on and on and on.

Did you know that $100 can start 20 businesses over the next 10 years? Each loan or savings project takes two families each year out of poverty.

The Champion's Campaign "Ticket" to the EndPovertyZone links sports champions and professional artists with a cause worth remembering. Champion's and Celebrities are being invited to give visibility to the Champion's international internet based movement that culminates each year in a prime time presentation of up to $10 million in grants to proven livelihood loan organizations.

Livelihood loan organizations are providing the Bertha's of our world with hope for a future. These are not handouts which create dependency, but loans or savings projects that free people to realize their God-given potential by providing training and livelihoods to sustain families for a lifetime.

Did you know that the best way to sponsor a child is to give dad, mom or a guardian a job?

Family sponsors are inducted into the Hall of Champions and have the satisfaction of taking 2 families out of poverty each year to the EndPovertyZone. Champions will be listed in the Hall of Champions, receive a Champion charter member certificate and be eligible to contribute game changer internet ideas to accelerate the World Championship end game worth remembering. One hundred percent (100%) of each "Ticket" purchase goes to the livelihood loan or savings fund. All administrative and fund raising costs come from advertising and unrestricted funding.

Champion's are players, not spectators, on this world championship team. Imagine being a part of a winning team that could actually end poverty for millions of families around the world in this generation. You can be the "Ticket" to score in that PovertyEndZONE. Join the host of Champions in this global chorus to put a new song in the hearts of the hungry half of our world. None of us picked our place of birth, but we can choose a legacy for ourselves or our friends in providing livelihoods for a lifetime that forge a future with hope.

Ambassador Hall extends this invitation for you to be in the ZONE. "The Champion's campaign has a winning game plan that can provide the hungry half of our world with the opportunity for a livelihood for a lifetime in this generation. Yes, we can change the world and see families freed from poverty to realize their God-given potential. Join me in the Hall of Champion's with your "Ticket" to the EndPovetyZone.org."

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