The Goal

Did you pick your place of birth?

Not one of us picked our place of birth. Neither did the 3 billion hungry people of our world.

Did you know that one-half the world population lives on less than $2 per day?

Did you know that a Ticket of $100 to end poverty can provide two impoverished families each year with a livelihood for a lifetime? Did you know that same $100 is paid back on the average of every 6 months to keep revolving to 2 more families each year without end? Learn more

Livelihoods for a Lifetime, One Family at a Time

A $100 loan or savings plan can free one family from poverty for a lifetime.

It Works!


Bangladesh Livelihood loans directly provided 320 families in Nilphamari, Bangladesh in year one alone and had a 97% average loan payback. This form of stewardship assures multiplied blessing for the donor and all the families served.

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The Benefits

Satisfaction of taking two families out of poverty each year.

Listing for you or a friend of your choice in the End Poverty Zone Hall of Champions

Invitation and tools for you to enlist your friends, family and associates

Guarantee your End Poverty Zone tickets go 100% for family livelihood projects

Join with sports and artist celebrities and fans in a cause worth remembering

Hall of Champions Certificate for the first 100,000 Charter Champions.

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