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Maria in Uganda


Mrs. Maria Dado is a loan client of Action for Children in Uganda. Maria’s children are grown but her husband, like many others in her village, has died of AIDS. So many working age adults in the area have died of AIDS that unaccompanied children are everywhere. Maria is a participant in the livelihood loan program. She uses the income from her straw mat and basket making business to care for three children from her village who have been orphaned by AIDS. Training, encouragement and a very small loan together with Maria’s hard work, have enabled her to support herself, and care for these children who had nowhere else to turn. As part of the program services, Maria is a member of a livelihood loan support group of micro-entrepreneurs, and receives regular training and Christian counsel.

She is a wonderful example of the huge impact that a small amount of resources can have among the poor, when managed wisely.

Around the world today, more than one billion people survive on less than $1 per day. More than two billion get by on less than $2 per day. To a very large degree, these people are trapped in a web of poverty that leaves them without opportunity, struggling to support their families and often in spiritual darkness.

Providence’s partners EndPoverty/Action for Children reach out to the very poor, demonstrate God’s love to them and free themselves from poverty through livelihood loans and their own hard work. This is accomplished by providing training and small loans that enable the poor to establish income generating livelihoods for a lifetime.

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