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Bangladesh Livelihood loans directly provided 320 families in Nilphamari, Bangladesh in year one alone and had a 97% average loan payback. This form of stewardship assures multiplied blessing for the donor and all the families served.

Bertha's Fruit Stand

Bertha's Fruit Stand Bertha’s fruit and veggie business now supports her family, pays for schooling and has improved their nutrition and living conditions. In less than 6 months Bertha repaid her loan with interest and the next family now has the opportunity to have a livelihood loan.

Maria in Uganda

Maria in Uganda Mrs. Maria Dado is a loan client of Action for Children in Uganda. Maria’s children are grown but her husband, like many others in her village, has died of AIDS. So many working age adults in the area have died of AIDS that unaccompanied children are everywhere. Maria is a participant in the livelihood loan program. She uses the income from her straw mat and basket making business to care for three children from her village who have been orphaned by AIDS. Training, encouragement and a ..Read More

Rochelle in the Philippines

Rochelle in the Phillipines Ms. Rochelle Gallardo is 35 years of age and a mother of three who owns a burger stand in Panabo, Davao, Philippines. Several years ago, Rachelle’s husband left the family, leaving her to care for her children on her own. Alone and depressed, Rachelle pursued everything that would help her provide food for the family and pay for school fees. With the assistance of her mother, Rachelle opened a small food canteen at a local school. Each morning, before dawn, she and her mother would..Read More


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